Tuesday, February 26, 2008

PIE Career Fair Visual Arts

This week I am participating in the Rockwood School Districts Partners in Education Career Fair as a Visual Arts speaker. I bring examples of my work from over the years for print and pattern in fashion, paper and other various products I have surfaced designed. I always enjoy seeing the amazement when the eight graders are made aware that someone designs and chooses colors for almost "everything" they use in their daily lives.

63% of artists and designers are self employed. I explain that I have designed as an employee, freelanced, designed my own line, and now am licensing my designs giving the students insight into many options of design. After participating for over four years now in the program, I ALWAYS get asked "How much to you get paid?"

The most enjoyable part of my career has been being self employed. I explain that I love the freedom and creativity to choose whom I associate with, giving me the greatest opportunity to express my ideas.

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