Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Camp and Correspondence

Summer Camp - Freedom, Fresh Air and Notes to Home. Summer Camp is a great place for kids to get away from technology which is why it is a good idea to pack plenty of stationery, paper and notes for the kids to write to family and friends. I just finished writing my notes to some of my family at Camp Nebagamon and Camp Kamaji. Between my sister and myself we both have come up with a great strategy for making sure that the kids stay connected while they are away.

Send the kids with an address book - one that is a duplicate of their book from home just in case it winds up in the lake! For younger children its OK to have them address the envelopes or post cards before they leave.

Make sure that your child receives notes and letters at mail call. One sure way to prevent them from not receiving mail is to give your child the resources to initiate the correspondence. If a friend or family member receives a note from your child - it is a reminder for them to write back - always make sure that the camps return address is on the correspondence.
Remember to pack plenty of stamps, pens, pencils and erasers.

Getting letters at camp and sending them out helps the child feel connected when they may be homesick and helps them to stay focused on having fun. My niece sent me a Paper Petals postcard that my sister sent with her and I was thrilled to find out her events of the day at camp, that she had just returned from sailing - one of her favorite things - and had to stop writing because she was leaving for lunch.

I love getting these postcards and notes in the summer. It reminds me what summer is all about - slowing down and enjoying some leisure time.

Sending kids fun designer and artistic cards is a great way for them to decorate their space in the cabin. They may arrange the stationery and cards that they receive in a creative collage. Remember to send your child to camp with plenty of stationery this summer and don't forget to write, it means so much to them.

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