Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Modern Mayor

You don't have to be a designer to make plans for a green community. Sunset Hills Missouri Mayor Hunzeker is making his model of a green community by protecting the cities green space as well as being an opponent of eminent domain. The city recently passed regulations that builders and developers may no longer bulldoze trees, but will have to get approval by the cities zoning officials to cut down trees.
I recently saw major Hunzeker at my father's tree dedication. The city planted a white oak tree next to the time capsule at the city hall to recognize and honor E J Thias. The city continually recognized my father's contribution to the city as planning commissioner when the master plan was designed. My father's design maintained the natural wooded setting. See more photos from the tree dedication on

It isn't a surprise that my father E J Thias supported Mayor Hunzeker's views on keeping the city green. Mayor Hunzeker healed the community after a long battle with eminent domain that made national news.

Bottom Photo: Mayor Hunzeker with a house portrait that E J Thias recently painted.
Next Photo: E J Thias' Alpha Omega Student. Linda Virga who attending his first class 45 years ago and his last class the day of his death in February. Also in photo Butch Thomas, dear friend of E J Thias.
Top Photo: A distinguished gathering of E J's employers, peers, neighbors, friends and family. Linda Sachs (daughter) with camera. Paul P. Pai Ed. D. President St. Louis Community College, Linda Virga student, Pat Bessinger neighbor and Historian for Sunset Hills, Phil Smith student, Ron Markland student, Al Price student.

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