Friday, April 25, 2008

Rockwood School District Art Fair

Linda Sachs Art Instructor Ridge Meadows
Ridge Meadows Students Work

Ridge Meadows Students Work

Paper Petals Stationery Display

This weekend is the Rockwood School District Art Fair. I will be one of six featured artists. I have participated in international trade shows with thousands of buyers, but 7,000 young artists with questions --- that's new for me!

I have attended the Rockwood School District Art Fair before because my sister Linda Sachs, art teacher at Ridge Meadows creates amazing displays of her students work every year. Each piece labelled with the students name and grouped together by project.

Something that the district added to the fair this year is six featured artists and I will be one of them. The students always rush into the show parents in tow, to see their work on display. Now they will be able to meet and ask questions to six artists in various mediums at the show and see how they may apply their talents in their own unique ways.

Photos from Saturday:
Top Photo: Linda Sachs Art Teacher Ridge Meadows
Next Three Photos - Students work from Ridge Meadows - Linda Sachs Instructor

Bottom Photo - Paper Petals Stationery Display - showing kids that original art may be applied to commercial everyday products.

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