Monday, December 1, 2008

Little Holiday Treasures

Pots at Bowood Farms in the Central West End

Egg Kitchen Soaps at Maven in Maplewood

Paper Petals Trademark Holiday Wrap at the Ladue Chapel Boutique

While masses of people are filling up the discount stores. I have enjoyed spending my time driving right by these stores and checking off my shopping list with hand picked items from St. Louis' specialty store buyers. - Most of the gifts I will post are under $20.

I found these darling flower pots at Bowood Farms in the Central West End. I plan on tying a satin ribbon around them or wrapping them in Paper Petals wind power milled wrapping paper.

I found these fragrant handmade kitchen soaps at Maven -in Maplewood. The store owner makes the soap herself - she is a wholesaler and a retailer - how brave! They are made in the shape of eggs and perfect for the stylish kitchen.

Paper Petals wind power milled paper will be at the Ladue Chapel Holiday Mart starting this Thursday - the details are posted on my studio blog
Get out there and shop! If you need to find shops go to our website

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