Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On a Personal Note -The Flowery Kind

I started my company Paper Petals Stationery in 2001 simply because I loved stationery. I particularly loved the notes my father gave to me that consisted of a hand painted cover that opened into blank white space. His handwriting decorated the inside of the card with a personal message written just for me. I first started printing my fathers watercolors of flowers, and soon after my own flowery print and pattern designs.

As soon as I launched my company, I was told by many people that I would have to print words on the cover, that the American public didn't enjoy writing according to a vast amount of data collected at the time - even told that I would struggle unless I turned my note cards into greeting cards.

A really great book emerged in 2002 named The Art of the Handwritten Note, by Margaret Shephard. I was so grateful for this book, as were a small handful of other note companies that were trying to make a name for themselves by making creative designs and pushing the handwritten note concept.

I am really proud of my companies accomplishments, selling thousands of note cards and by keeping my families tradition. The Art of the Handwritten Note by Margaret Shepard remains the best modern writing about the subject.

A few years later, the stationery category has surpassed greeting card sales. Now the handwritten pitch seems so trite, but is more worthwhile than ever, far from being lost, and I am happy to be a part of keeping it alive.

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